South Africa Highlights Tour


An experience highlighting the splendor of South Africa!

Start in Johannesburg, the ‘city of gold’ to explore the essence of our history, in order to better understand modern day South Africa. The Panorama Route, and Big Five animal country next, with a luxury tented stay and safari game drives in the Greater Kruger National Park area. Take time to explore the stunningly beautiful Garden Route area. Visit one of the ostrich capitals of the world, where the opportunity exists to get up and close with the fascinating meerkat (suricate) before rounding off this experience in the award winning city of Cape Town, with its wine areas, natural beauty and vibrant nature.

Day 1: Arrival in Johannesburg, South Africa [D]

A Flo Tours representative will meet you at the airport and help you transfer to your hotel. Tonight, you will gather with your tour guide for a briefing about your tour. Dinner and overnight in Johannesburg.

Day 2: Johannesburg, Soweto and Pretoria [B,L,D]

After a hearty breakfast at the hotel, you guide will take you through Johannesburg, the world’s largest inland city that is not situated near a lake or river; affectionately known as the City of Gold.

As one of the wealthiest cities in Africa, Johannesburg offers luxury living, pulsating nightlife and extraordinarily lavish attractions, such as the Gold Reef City, where guests can go beneath the ground on a mine tour, learn all about gold, its production processes, and the lives of miners who excavated it in the 1900s. Today Johannesburg is the largest city in South Africa, rich with historical tales that can be found in its many art galleries and museums, like the Apartheids Museum.
For anyone who wishes to understand the modern Republic of South Africa, a glimpse into its recent history is key. From 1948 to 1994, the governing National Party enforced a system of segregation, known as Apartheid, meaning ‘separation.’ This system affected the everyday lives of all South Africans and still carries weight in modern life. The Apartheid Museum has thus been erected to show visitors and locals what it was truly like in the Apartheid era, offering a series of 22 individual exhibition areas that illustrate the rise and fall of Apartheid. Expect to go on an emotional rollercoaster as you are classified by race as you enter the museum. With provocative films, grand structures and shocking photographs each telling their own story alongside artefacts from the era, visitors will feel as though they have stepped back into the 70s and 80s, fighting for their freedom and the democratic South Africa we see today.
After your visit to the Apartheid Museum you will be joined by a local guide from the area who will take you on a journey of discovery through Soweto. The Township has affected South African history time and again, but most prominently in 1976 with a massive Apartheid protest movement. Soweto was founded in the early 19 hundreds with the rise of the mining industry when migrant workers from the nearby “Klip Spruit” settled in the area. As time progressed the area grew and more and more people settled. Today more than 2 million people live in the round 30 Townships that make up the Soweto Metropole.
Your tour through Soweto will take you to see one of the important places of refuge during the anti-apartheid movement – the Regina Mundi Catholic Church. It was built in 1964 as one of the largest churches in the country and could house up 7000 people. The Church still bears the scars of the many battles that were fought within its walls.
Your next stop is in Orlando West in the Vilakazi Street. Herr you will visit the Hector Pieterson Memorial which was erected in honor of Hector Pieterson, the young student that was brutally shot during the protest march against Afrikaans as the teaching language in schools on the 16th June 1976. The memorial also houses a museum which documents the history of Soweto. Today Vilakazi Street has many interesting galleries and the Mandela House Museum as well as several monuments and is still today home to Archbishop Desmond Tutu. To end of your experience it is time to meet the locals and enjoy lunch at Wandi’s Place. Wandi has run a successful restaurant in the heart of Soweto for many years and will share not only his good food and drink with you, but also a story or two about some of the famous visitors he has had over the years.
After lunch you will leave Johannesburg and travel towards Pretoria, a city of modern skyscrapers that rise from an ocean of over 50 000 purple Jacaranda trees that light up the city’s streets and gardens. Now still one of South Africa’s three capital cities, Pretoria was once the capital of the independent Boere republic, far north of the British Cape Colony. When it was founded in 1860, it marked the end of the Great Trek for many Voortrekkers who have spent years travelling across harsh terrain, enduring many battles and losing many loved ones. It was thus aptly named after the Voortrekker leader, Andries Pretorius. Pretoria is an astonishingly beautiful city with many cultural museums, monuments and grand old building that look out across the Highveld plains, and unto the surrounding hills of the Magaliesberg Mountain range.
A tour through the City of Pretoria will take you along Church Street which with its 43 KM is one of the longest city thoroughfares in the world. On Church Square, you will find South Africa’s 4 major banks and a short way along the house of late President Paul Kruger. Today it houses the Kruger House Museum, where his bronze statue takes center stage, facing the Palace of Justice, and representing an era integral to South Africa as we know it.
On your tour of The City of Tshwane (meaning “We are the Same”), as Pretoria is known today, you will get to see the gracious light sandstone Union Buildings on Meintjies Kop overlooking the city. Not only is it an architectural masterpiece, but it also represents the union of a formerly divided nation. Each of its 275m long wings represent a language, namely Afrikaans and English, unified in the cup of its semi-circle. It is also here where Nelson Mandela was inaugurated as the president of South Africa in 1994, following the country’s first democratic election.
After a long day and eventful day filled with insight into the colorful history of South Africa and its Rainbow Nation, you return to Johannesburg for dinner and a good night’s rest.

Overnight in Johannesburg.

Day 3: The Panorama Route [B,D]

After breakfast at the hotel, you will leave the province of Gauteng and head to Mpumalanga. Here, at the North-Eastern part of the Great Escarpment, the inland plateau is abruptly cut off, opening up to fantastic views of the Lowveld plains, a thousand meters below. It is worth noting that this vista is best enjoyed in the dry winter months, as the rainy season brings clouds that will block your view.
True to its name, the Panorama Route offers breath-taking views around every mountain corner, with waterfalls plunging down faces of sheer rock. One can practically feel the gold rush fever following you, as you meander down an endless river canyon with eagles gliding above your head.
Along this route, near Pilgrim’s Creek, where substantial alluvial gold deposits were found in 1873, lies the historical gold-mining town of Pilgrim’s Rest. Many of the old houses have been restored and today the town is an open-air museum, with some abodes revealing their interiors to the public. One of the most popular attractions in the town is the Drezden Shop, the town’s historic general store, selling anything from tools to groceries. The old newspaper printing office and the Royal Hotel are also open to visitors.
Further along the route we reach Graskop where you will stop to stretch your legs and for a bite to eat if you wish. From this point on the one scenic wonder follows the next. Our first stop is along the path is at the Pinnacle and God’s Window view points after which we continue to the natural phenomenon that occurred at the meeting point of Blyde River (the river of joy) and Treur River (the river of sorrow). It is here that one sees the strange cylindrical sculptures, known as Bourke’s Luck Potholes. Named after a lucky gold-digger named Tom Bourke, the potholes were created thousands of years ago, where the two rivers’ swirling waters have eroded the smooth, yellow rocks, exposing them in contrast to the dark pools below.
The real highlight of the Panorama route, however, is the Blyde River Canyon. Starting at Bourke’s Luck Potholes and ending at 3 enormous spirals of dolomite rock, known as the Three Rondavels, or the Three Sisters, making this canyon the third largest canyon in the world. From many well-positioned vantage points, one can see straight across the 33km gorge, along the Three Sisters, with domed heads, iced in green, and their sides stained with fiery orange lichen.
After much visual stimulation and fresh air you will arrive in Hazyview in the heart of the Lowveld in the late afternoon. After checking in and freshening up a traditional South African Braai (BBQ) awaits for dinner.

Day 4: On to Safari  [B,D]

After breakfast, we take some time to relax before we head off to the Hoedspruit Centre for Endangered Species. Here visitors can observe cheetah, wild dogs, serval, caracal and various other species that are being rehabilitated. The rare King cheetah can also be seen here. After an informative tour where you will learn more about the efforts that are being made to increase the gene pool of Cheetah not only in South Africa.

Arrive at the Big Five Karongwe Game Reserve in Limpopo, South Africa, offering an exceptional safari experience. Guests enjoy early morning and late afternoon safaris in open safari vehicles with experienced guides and trackers. The friendly staff ensure that guests receive personal attention and service at all times.

During the day, guests may relax at the pool or retire to one of the beautifully decorated lounges. The camps offer fine cuisine including Pan African meals in the most spectacular surroundings; under the night sky or in the elegant candlelit dining area.

In the afternoon take in your first game drive! As the sun sets each day, we’ll use the spotlight torch to see the nocturnal animals come out to hunt.

Have sundowners in the bush, return to the lodge for a delicious dinner, and spend the night at Karongwe.

Day 5: Safari Time [B,L,D]

Wake up to the fantastic view of the African bush in the morning. Then embark on an exciting early morning game drive in an open 4×4 vehicle. The early morning is one of the best times to see wildlife out and about!

We’ll head back to the lodge for a delicious breakfast and then spend the rest of the morning visiting the other lodges in the Karongwe Portfolio.

Lunch will be served at the lodge before you can take time out to relax or do some of the other activities on offer. Take a bush walk, enjoy the wellness center.

In the afternoon we’ll take in another game drive! As the sun sets each day, we’ll use the spotlight torch to see the nocturnal animals come out to hunt.

Have sundowners in the bush, return to the lodge for a delicious dinner, and spend the night at the Karongwe portfolio

Overnight at Karongwe.

Day 6: Trip to Johannesburg and flight to Port Elizabeth [B,D]

Flight: 12:25 – Flight 417 with South African Airways takes off from JNB and lands in PLZ at 14:00

Every morning at Kapama Private Game Reserve, the rise of the African sun beckons the animals from their rest. So too will your ranger wake you with an early wakeup call and after a cup of tea or coffee you depart on a morning safari. When you return to camp, you will have time to freshen up before breakfast is served.

Your journey back to civilization takes you back to Johannesburg where you will board a domestic flight to the coastal city of Port Elizabeth. After a short transfer you are at the seaside where you will enjoy dinner and the view at the Paxton Hotel.

Overnight in Port Elizabeth.

Day 7: Garden Route, through Tsitsikamma  [B,D]

After a hearty breakfast at the hotel, you will begin your journey down the East Coast of South Africa.

Every year, nature lovers and adventurers alike, swarm to the 200km South-Eastern stretch of South Africa, where idyllic lagoons bring whales to calve and dolphins to play. Second to Hawaii, this stretch, known as the Garden Route, has the mildest oceanic climate, with lush forest hiking trails home to nearly 300 species of birds.

Your first stop on the Garden Route is in the indigenous Tsitsikamma forest and the Tsitsikamma National Park, located about 55km east of the paradise town, Plettenberg Bay. Here, nature lovers will find bliss in the 80km of rocky coastline in a remote mountainous region, covered in Fynbos and temperate high forests. Enjoy exploring the many secluded valleys and deep river gorges leading down to the sea, as you hike along one of the many trails through the Tsitsikamma Forest, named after the Khoi word that means “place of abundant water.” Here, in the protected indigenous forest, you will come across ancient trees like yellowwood, hard pear, stinkwood, and ironwood, a variety of birds, including the shy Knysna Loerie and of course, the 77m long suspension bridge above the Storms River Mouth, a gentle one and a half hour hike away.
Your journey continues to The Crags where the Vervet monkeys of Monkey Land are eagerly awaiting your arrival. After a tour through the primate sanctuary and a leisurely self-guided walk through the impressive 2 cubic hectare bird aviary, Birds of Eden, you continue to Plettenberg Bay for a walk on the pristine beach at Formosa Baia.

Late afternoon arrival in the heart of the scenic Garden Route, where you will find a charming holiday town called, Knysna. Placed in a natural paradise of lush, indigenous forests, tranquil lakes and golden beaches, this town is nestled on the banks of a lagoon, which is now a protected marine reserve, home to the extraordinary sea horse and over 200 species of fish. The Knysna Lagoon is more accurately an estuary, where the waters of five different Outeniqua Forest Rivers merge together, meeting the ocean at the landmark sandstone cliffs, known as the Knysna Heads.
After freshening up at your hotel you set out on a sunset cruise on the lagoon, enjoying champagne and Knysna Oysters, a famous delicacy of this town. Your will end the evening off with dinner at the Knysna Waterfront, before retiring for the night.

Day 8: On to Oudtshoorn  [B,L,D]

After breakfast at the hotel, we head over the scenic Outeniqua Pass for the little Karoo and the town of Oudtshoorn. The town is set in the countryside amongst breathtakingly beautiful mountain passes, magnificent red rocks and the wide open spaces of the little Karoo. In the late 1800s, ostrich feathers were at the height of fashion, sought after by royalty, maharajahs, emperors, fashionistas and costume-makers from all over, fueling Oudtshoorn’ s economy and claiming it the international title of Ostrich Capital. Nowadays these ostrich show farms offer feathers, meat, eggs and even rides! We stop at an ostrich Ranch for a tour, the chance to ride an ostrich, and also for a BBQ lunch.
In the beautiful Cargo Valley, about 30km outside Oudtshoorn, you will find one of the greatest wonders of the area: the Cango Caves. Hidden in the Precambrian limestone foothills of the Swartberg, these caves are made up of vast underground caverns, where water has seeped in, over the limestone ridges for thousands of years, creating breathtaking calcite masterpieces. The extensive system of tunnels and chambers stretches over 4km within the mountain, most of which can be explored. Enjoy a standard tour of the caves showcasing some of the splendor in the first chambers.

Day 9: Route 62 to the Winelands  [B,D]

Optional: Meerkat Safari Experience
For early birds this is a must do activity. The safari to learn more about these curios creatures is a rewarding and entertaining experience and for anyone who has ever watch Meerkat Manor it is an absolute must. The safari begins at dawn with a short video and then you embark on a drive in an open safari vehicle to one of the burrows of the 3 resident families to spend some time watching these lovely creatures interact with each other.
This activity is optional and for your own account at a cost of approximately $40 per person.

Enjoy a sumptuous breakfast at the lodge, as you have long day ahead! Compared to the famous Route 66 of America, Route 62 is South Africa’s iconic road-tripping route. This country road meanders through the fertile valleys of the Klein Karoo, passing rugged rock formations that often get snow at the tips in winter time. Time and again, the road leads through steep passes that open up to spectacular views of this unique part of South Africa. You can expect to see the red soil so true to this area, its stark cliff faces, bustling rivers, vast orchards, and indigenous scrub. Along the road you will also find Fynbos, such as the bright pink Protea, gently swirling as cars rush by, generously letting every passer-by appreciate their splendor.

Route 62 is particularly famous for being the longest wine route in the world, leading through the wine-growing areas of the little Karoo, Montagu and the Breede River Valley. Innovation and pride, combined with a terrain and mild climate that are harmoniously balanced, results in the prominence of the outstanding wines on Route
62. While the flavors are as diverse as the grapes that produce them, there are definite characteristics that tie them together as wines of the same origin. Fortified and dessert wines are particularly successful in these parts, and promise a true taste experience to those who enjoy these sweeter wines. Most of the wine farms on this route also invite visitors to view their cellars and enjoy unique food and wine pairings, opening up a whole new dimension to the art of wine tasting. Overnight in Paarl.

You stop on the Van Loveren Estate for a unique tasting and tour followed by a hearty country lunch accompanied by good wine. The journey takes you across the Du Toitskloof Pass in the afternoon to your accommodation set amongst vineyards and olive groves.

Day 10: Franschoek, Paarl & Cape Town [B,L,D]

If the weather allows enjoy breakfast outside on the terrace this morning before you depart on a walking tour of Stellenbosch, South Africa’s second oldest town

The streets are lined with water furrows and 300 year old oak trees that reach into the sky and hundreds of university students bustle among the Cape Dutch, Georgian and Victorian buildings that date back to the early 1700s, hosting street festivals, flea markets, art exhibitions and music concerts, all year round. A true cultural spring, Stellenbosch is fueled by its exquisite wineries. Home to the oldest wine route in South Africa, Stellenbosch boasts with over 200 wine and grape producers that fall within the boundaries of the Stellenbosch Wine of Origin classification, most of which produce world famous, award winning wines.

On a walking tour through the town your guide will show you how life was like in days gone by when you visit the Village Museum and take a step back in time in Oom Saamie se Winkel.

In the afternoon you will travel across the Helshoogte (hells heights) Pass to Franschhoek, in the area originally known as the Valley of the Huguenots, for it was the French Huguenots who first settled in this spectacularly beautiful valley, over 300 years ago. Today, many of the wine farms here still bear their original French names, architecture, culture and charm. You will stop at the Victor Verster Prison from which Nelson Mandela was released. The Village of Franschhoek is a culinary mecca for any gourmet lover today and many renowned chefs have restaurants along the main street. The Valley is quite protected from the harsh elements and so the vines have flourished and the wines produced are of high quality. You will enjoy a cellar tour and wine tasting at the Clos Cabriere Cellar and lunch at the unique Bread & Wine restaurant on the Moreson Estate.

In the late afternoon you continue on to Cape Town where Table Mountain welcomes you. After checking in to your accommodation and freshening up your guide takes you on a culinary journey of discovery through the African continent at the Gold of Africa Cafe & an interactive drumming session. Overnight in Cape Town.

Day 11: Cape Town [B,D]

Today your will explore the “Mother City” as Cape Town is known. In 2014, The New York Times and The Telegraph named Cape Town ‘the world’s best place to visit,’ and with good reason! As the oldest settlement in South Africa, Cape Town served as a supply station for Dutch East India Company ships in the late 1600s. Now the legislative capital of South Africa and rated the ‘World Design Capital’ in 2014, this beautiful, yet bustling city offers an eclectic blend of old and new.

Watch as Cape Town’s glamorous city life lights up modern high risers, as well as meticulously preserved buildings of the past, most of which boast with Cape Dutch, Edwardian or Victorian architecture. The streets are scattered with street vendors and alive with a jam-packed calendar of cultural events, the Bo-Kaap lined with grand mosques and colorful abodes, exhilarated by the strong Islamic ambiance, and the pristine Blue Flag beaches stretch their soft sands along the coast, where beachfront cafés invite you to spend a day in the sun. A rich historical center, yet a modern creative capital, this one-of-a-kind city is also a natural splendor.
Here, hundreds of African Penguins frolic in the waters of Boulders Beach and Fynbos naturally covers the slopes of the Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden – all to the backdrop of the majestic Table Mountain, rated as one of the’ 7 natural wonders of the world.’

The first agenda for the day is the highpoint (literally) of ones visit to Cape Town, which gives you an awe- inspiring bird’s eye view of Table Mountain and Cape Town, thanks to state-of-the-art cable cars.
Table Mountain reaches a height of 1,085m, at its highest point, and has a broad, flat surface, resembling that of a table and thus inspiring its name. The glorious views over the Mother City start the minute you step on the cableway (one of only three in the world). The floor of the 65 passenger Cable Car rotates 360 degrees during the ascent/descent, which takes 5-10 minutes from summit to base and vice versa, travelling up to 10m per second.
The mountain itself serves as a nature reserve, home to many indigenous plants and animals. The top offers a selection of viewpoints over the peninsula and trails suitable for all types of explorer, ranging from the handicapped to the avid hiker. There is also a curio shop and full café for refreshments and meals at the top, but the best the top has to offer would be its views, which span across the whole of Cape Town and its surrounds.
Once back at the base you will be transferred to the Cape Malay Quarter, also known as the Bokaap, where a local guide will join your party and take you on a walking tour through the area explaining the history of the Cape Malay culture, their colorful houses and most importantly their tasty cooking. You will stop at a local spice vendor and purchase some spices and other ingredients, which will be used later while preparing your lunch.
Once you arrive at your hosts home she will demonstrate the intricate skills required to fold a samosa, how to mix the perfect masala and ask you to assist in chopping the ingredients for the curry which you will all enjoy together for lunch.
After a fun filled morning and a flavor filled meal you continue your tour of the city visiting the Company’s Garden, which houses the South African White House, “Die Tuin Huis”, Parliament Buildings and the National Gallery. From here you proceed to the famous Victoria & Alfred Waterfront where you will find over 240 designer shops, grand restaurants, souvenir stalls, street food and plenty of entertainment, right in the harbor. From shark cage diving, to watching them feed at the Two Oceans Aquarium, the V&A Waterfront is a bustling upmarket destination in its own right, often hosting exhibitions and grand events within its vibrant network of colonial style buildings and timber boardwalks. Listen to the seagulls and the ocean waters that gush against the jetty, as you look out upon the sun as it sets beneath the vast ocean of blue, painting the skies in shades of purple. This is when the city lights up and the V & A restaurants lure the stylish socialites of Cape Town to its lavish meals and infectious evening energy.
After some time for shopping you meet for dinner at the Cape Town Fish Market and enjoy good food, wine and a spectacular view across the harbor.
Overnight in Cape Town.

Day 12: Explore the Cape Peninsula  [B,D]

After an early breakfast, your journey starts along the Atlantic coastline, passing the shimmery white beaches of Clifton and Camps Bay, with their soft white sand and crisp blue water. The formidable 12 Apostles Peaks rise above the road, as cliffs and incredible rock formations drop into the icy Atlantic Ocean. You reach the quaint fishing village of Hout Bay, with its imposing Sentinel and secluded beach.
Before you continue across the famous Chapman’s Peak Drive you pay a visit to the T-Bag Design Factory. On a short tour through the small factory where local woman from a nearby township make stunning crafts from used tea bags you will be inspired by this tale of hope. Enjoy a cup of tea with Gill and her ladies and perhaps purchase some souvenirs for friends and family back home.

As your journey along the curves of Chapman’s Peak Drive takes you down to the Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve you could be forgiven for losing your breath. This area is is known as the smallest floral kingdom in the world and is home to the unusual Fynbos plants, many different species of buck and birds, the Cape Mountain Zebra, and mischievous baboons that entertain guests, who are enjoying their lunch at the restaurant, gazing across False Bay. Take the funicular on your own account or walk up to the picturesque lighthouse at Cape Point, which many people believe is the meeting point of the Atlantic and Indian Oceans. This is not so however, as this point is actually about 150km east at Cape Agulhas. A photo at the Cape of Good Hope is a must for every visitor and so you too will make your way down to the famous sign.

The route back towards Cape Town takes you along the False Bay via the home of South Africa’s Navy, Simons Town, Fishhoek and Kalkbay and you stop at Boulders beach to visit the African Penguin Colony.

Afterwards, we make our way to Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden. Situated on the slopes of Table Mountain this garden offers beautiful views of mountains, rolling hills and forests. The gardens are filled with indigenous flora and forests of the Cape Floral Kindom.This area forms part of the Cape Floral region, one of South Africa’s eight World Heritage sites, comprising eight protected areas stretching from the Cape Peninsula to the Eastern Cape, and containing some of the richest plant biodiversity in the world. Stroll through the garden with a traditional healer (Sangoma), to see how the species of indigenous plants have been used as medicines for many centuries. A practice which continues to this day. Locally this medicine is refered to as ‘muti’ however Sangoma’ s are now registered medical professionals due to the strong belief systems around muti, and its proven ability to heal many different ailments. Don’t forget to check out the ‘Boomslang’ (Tree Snake), a large winding canopy walkway in the treetops.

This evening Richard’s Supper Stage tells you tales of the “Mother City” with dinner and a show! Here you can relish in a four-course meal packed with local and international flavor while the musical comedy, Kaapse Stories from the Mother City, keeps you entertained. Guests can expect an eclectic combination of songs from legends like Miriam Makeba and Freddy Mercury, tied together through stories that speak to the heart of every Capetonian – and everyone who’s ever loved the Mother City. But let’s not forget Shakira’s ‘Waka Waka’ World Cup song! Thought-provoking, yet peppered with laughter, this delightful revue celebrates the joyful, yet resilient spirit of the colorful people who populate the city at the foot of Table Mountain.

Overnight in Cape Town.

Day 13: Departure from Cape Town  [B]

After a last leisurely breakfast and sometime for shopping it is time to bid farewell. One last photo opportunity as you head out to the beach at Bloubergstrand and then you will be taken to the airport, where you will board your international flight back home.

We hope that you had a wonderful adventure through South Africa and that you take with you, many great memories, photos and souvenirs to cherish forever.

Post-trip Extension: Victoria Falls

Day 1 – Fly to Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe / Victoria Falls tour

After your Highlights of South Africa base trip, fly from Johannesburg to Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe.Our representative will meet you at the hotel to transfer you to Cape Town International airport. After checking in, fly directly to Victoria Falls.

Flight: 08:30 – Flight 8690 with Airlink takes off from CPT and lands in VFA at 11:15

At the airport, meet your our representative who will accompany you on the 25-minute drive to your accommodation in Victoria Falls. You have some time to settle in and have lunch on your own. In the early evening hours you are met by aour representative and transferred to the starting point of a Zambezi sunset cruise – the perfect way to unwind

Grab something warm and hop on a boat, to start a cruise down The Zambezi. A Victoria Falls must-do, this approximately 2.5-hour cruise lets us relax on the water while enjoying complimentary sundowners and snacks. We may be able to spot wildlife, like elephant and giraffe along the banks as they visit for a water break, and we may be lucky enough to see hippo and crocodile in the water! But the trip is made extra special when we see the African sunset reflecting on the water. Don’t forget to talk to your guides and crew about the river wildlife; they have many tales about the area!

Tonight, dinner is on your own.

Day 2 – Walking Tour of the Falls & Steam Train Dinner over the Falls  [B,L,D]

Witnessing the Victoria Falls in all its glory is an awe-inspiring experience that is sure to impress even the most seasoned traveler. On this tour, we’ll meet up with an experienced guide, with in-depth knowledge of the Fall, and the surrounding wilderness area.

We’re guided through the beautiful Victoria Falls rainforest for just over two hours. From here, we can enjoy endless views – and even feel the cooling effects of the spray. As we walk through the rainforest, the guide will tell us fascinating information about the geology, history, ecology and legends that shroud this famous landmark, known affectionately as “The Smoke that Thunders”.

Before you leave, you’ll be taken to the best photo-taking spots, where you can take as much time as you need to get the best shot!

Lunch is enjoyed at the Lookout Restaurant, with stunning views all around The afternoon is at your leisure
In the early evening, we stroll across to the Victoria Falls station to climb aboard this rejuvenated steam train beauty and head out to the famous Victoria Falls Bridge, which was built by Cecil Rhodes in 1905. He wanted a crossing “at the point where the spray from the Falls would fall on the train carriages crossing the bridge.”

Dinner is served as you savor the beautiful scenery against the setting sun, not to mention a view of the magnificent falls from this iconic bridge.

Day 3 – Departure from Victoria Falls [B]

After breakfast, take some time to pack your luggage before meeting your guide who will take you on a guided transfer back to Victoria Falls Airport.


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  • Entrances and Activities as per the excursion list
  • Porterage
  • Transport in luxury air-conditioned minibus
  • Passenger liability, fuel, toll and cross border fees.
  • THETA qualified English speaking driver/guide

Victoria Falls Extension:

  • Ilala Lodge (2 nights) is booked on a Bed and Breakfast basis
  • All Return Airport Transfers & Touring on a Private Basis in a Luxury Touring Vehicle, with Air Conditioning
  • Registered, Local Professional English Speaking Driver - Guide
  • Exclusive Travel Wallet
  • Exclusive Peak Cap
  • Chilled Water on the Touring Vehicle
  • Rates include Value Added Tax (VAT), Tourism & Conservation Levies where applicable.




  • International flight from USA
  • Optional tours
  • Gratuities
  • Beverages & all other meals not mentioned
  • Travel Insurance
  • Personal expenses


  • Johannesburg - Faircity Quatermain Hotel

Located in the suburb of Morningside in Sandton, this property fuses elegance and nature offering guests large spacious gardens and public areas in which to enjoy the newspaper or to relax in comfort. The Sandton Gautrain station, Sandton Convention Centre, major highways, shopping centers and restaurants are nearby.

The Faircity Quatermain exudes old English-style and charm. The plush couches and regal dark wood furnishings fit perfectly with the theme. Your stay will be both comfortable and convenient with the perfect balance between relaxation and pleasure.

• Lowveld -Casa Do Sol Hotel (or similar)

For a truly unique luxurious stay, Casa Do Sol Hotel and Resort invites guests to its village architecture and sub-tropical gardens, located within the untamed Ilanga nature and game reserve, just 15 minutes' drive from the Kruger National Park. Here a sense of elegance prevails across the deeply hued glades and cool watered pools. The reserve dam makes for great fishing, bird watching and relaxing boat trips, while adventurers can head into the waters, river rafting. Head to the mountain trails by bike or on foot to seek out some non- aggressive game, and discover over 100 different species of indigenous bush. With 3 golf courses in the area and floodlit tennis courts, every moment can be enjoyed outdoors.

• Greater Kruger National Park Private Reserves - Chisomo Safari Lodge

• Port Elizabeth - The Paxton Hotel (or similar)

The Paxton Hotel is situated in Port Elizabeth, which is affectionately referred to as the 'Friendly City' of South Africa. Overlooking the harbor, the hotel offers magnificent views of Algoa Bay. Situated near the airport, restaurants, gym, a casino and entertainment complex and many beautiful beaches, the hotel offers easy access to many highlights of Port Elizabeth.

The beachfront hotel offers deluxe accommodation for the discerning traveler. Modern, colorful rooms feature free Wi-Fi and flat-screen TVs. Many have balconies with sea views, while suites offer separate lounge areas.

There's a casual restaurant with a bar and a comfortable lounge with a fireplace. The gorgeous sun deck features patio furniture for lounging around the pool.

• Knysna - The Rex Hotel (or similar)

Gracefully placed in the heart of Knysna, the elegant Rex Hotel offers guests a luxurious retreat. Here, exceptional service reflects an old world rural charm, whereas its 4-Star sophistication and Mediterranean restaurant, The Rose Café, bring all the luxuries of urban living, leaving the worries behind. Ideally situated on the world-famous Garden Route, guests are spoiled for choice when it comes to nearby activities and attractions, making The Rex Hotel the absolute best balance of an exhilarating, yet relaxing holiday hide-away.
• Oudtshoorn - De Zeekoe Guest Farm (or similar)

Just 7 km outside Oudtshoorn, in the Garden Route's Klein Karoo, surrounded by the Swartberg and Outeniqua mountains, lies De Zeekoe, a 2000-hectare working farm. The area is a floral hotspot, overlapping three flower zones and is malaria-free and child-friendly. Surrounded by a variety of attractions like ostrich farms, the R62 wine route, Cango caves, waterfalls and museums, De Zeekoe is an ideal base from which to explore the area. The name De Zeekoe comes from the Dutch name for the farm, Zeekoegat, which translates to hippo waterhole. Over 100 years ago, these water-loving creatures frequented the riverbed that still runs through the farm
• Cape Winelands - 107 Dorpstraat Boutique Hotel (or similar)

Set in the heart of the Winelands town of Stellenbosch, 107 Dorpstraat Boutique Hotel offers intimate yet modern accommodation for the discerning traveler. The architecture of Dorp Street and the surrounding area, paired with outstanding food and wine, makes for a pleasurable stay. The rooftop Garden Terrace offers beautiful vistas over the Simonsberg mountain and a tranquil relaxation area. 107 Dorpstraat Boutique Hotel is a place where history, luxury and technology blend perfectly to create a relaxing haven. A business center is available on site as well as a wine bar serving breakfasts, a selected menu and a variety of top South African wines.
• Cape Town - Commodore Hotel

This modern harbourside hotel is located just one block from the V&A Waterfront Shopping Complex in Cape Town. The V&A offers the visitor an abundance of unforgettable experiences. Indoor shopping and entertainment seamlessly merge with ocean vistas and mountain views. The fresh sea breeze and warm African sun add zest to a cosmopolitan, vibrant atmosphere. More than 80 restaurants nearby bring a fusion of international food, from rustic al fresco fish and chips to gourmet cuisine.

Victoria Falls Extension:

  • Elephant Hills Resort: First Class

Overlooking the Zambezi River and a short drive from Victoria Falls, the Superior First-Class Elephant Hills Resort offers 276 air-conditioned rooms with satellite TV, refrigerator, and private bath, as well as traditional African décor. Amenities include a golf course, swimming pool, and tennis courts. At night, relax at one of the on-site bars or restaurants, or simply retire to your room’s private balcony.

Visa Info

U.S. citizens (U.S. passport holders) visiting the Republic of South Africa for ninety (90) days or less for tourism / business purposes do not need visas.

For Victoria Falls Extension: U.S. passport holders need a visa to enter Zimbabwe. Easiest way to obtain a visa, is at the port of entry and the cost is $30.