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"Excellent itinerary"

Grand Turkey tour is an excellent way to visit multiple sites significant to ancient and early medieval history, and to get an overview of contemporary Turkey and its current and historical place in world culture. The pace is quick but not unreasonable, and the logistics of travel were smoothly handled. Deniz, our tour guide, did an excellent job of planning so that we never met with huge crowds of other tourists and so were able to enjoy the sites much more fully. His lectures, both on the bus as we were driving from one destination to another and at the sites, were engaging and informative; his depth of knowledge, particularly about various ancient ruins, is excellent. In a couple of places I was disappointed that we weren't given more free time to explore on our own--perhaps sometimes because he lectured a bit too long when we could have been viewing more of the site--but I also understand that he was bound to a time schedule so as to provide the excellent logistical maneuvering I refer to above, and I did learn immensely from his comments. The accommodations generally were fine, although the Hotel Akol in Cannukale was rather grim. (I understand that this hotel has been removed from the itinerary based on our group's experience there.) The Lycos River resort in Pammukale has a lovely hot mineral bath, swimming pool, and other spa amenities that we enjoyed.Food was usually served buffet-style but was often very good, and there was plenty of it. Many of the hotels provide complimentary bottled water since they recommend that tourists not drink the tap water, but we did end up purchasing quite a bit on our own as well. A small inconvenience given the amazing sites we visited! There are several long bus rides in the course of the tour, but our driver, Selim, did an excellent job of conveying us safely and efficiently to our destinations. I'm amazed by his skill in maneuvering the gigantic tour bus through shockingly narrow spaces. We made plenty of rest stops and ate at several excellent restaurants on the road that Deniz arranged for us to visit. He frequently provided opportunities to sample local cuisine--he even stopped at a local candy shop in one town to get some particularly good halva for us to try. I most enjoyed the visits to the small villages in the areas surrounding some of the sites--Sirence especially is not to be missed--and the Aphrodisias excursion, along with the amazing sights in the Cappadocia region. (Bring some sturdy shoes for these--there is some light-to-moderate hiking required to get the most out of these sites.) Overall, this tour makes it possible to visit numerous sites in a single trip in a way that would not be easily possible on one's own. Now that we've gotten the overview, we'd like to return to specific places for more in-depth exploration. I would definitely recommend it as an introduction to a fascinating area of the world. The Turkish people are very welcoming and helpful and proved to be excellent hosts to us as we visited their country.


"The trip was wonderful"

We just came back from the tour of 11 Days Classical Turkey tour with a group of friends. The trip was wonderful and we had a good time. Our tour guide, Mete, did a fantastic job. He is a highly knowledgeable person who provided us with extensive and valuable historical, cultural, economic, politic and religious information related to the numerous cities and archeological sites we visited. We learned so much about Turkey and enjoyed all of his interesting stories. He was quite organized, well informed, patient and with a great sense of humor. This is not an easy job to managing 18 travelers with different needs and expectations and he still made this trip to be going so smoothly. He was just exceptional. Also the bus driver for our group, Ali was very professional and his driving skills were excellent through the tour. We really enjoyed our trip in Turkey. Thanks to you all at Flo Tours for everything. We can’t wait to start planning our next trip with Flo Tours.


"This tour was amazing!"

Just got back from the Turkish Delight tour. Can not recommend this enough. The itinerary was fabulous including Ephesus, Cappadocia , Konya, , Pamuukkale and many others including the fantastic Instanbul. From hot air ballooning over the amazing scenery of Cappadocia, a haman, swimming in thermal pool with 3000 year old columns under my feet, the spiritual whirling Dervishes, swimming in the Mediterranean and fantastical historical sites that I have only read about. This tour was amazing !
Our tour guide Ahmet was great , bringing the diverse history of this country to life . Food was great , itinerary was great , tour guide was great. No dramas AT ALL ( some people are worried about Turkey at the moment) Can not recommend this tour enough. You will be like me and fall in love with this amazing diverse colourful country . Can't wait to go back.


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